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I’m Alex.
I don’t like labels or boxes, but for the purpose of you getting to know me, here are some facts about myself:
I’m a passionate compassionate human being.

I have a natural tendency to see the good in every situation.
I’m a committed Ashtanga yoga practitioner.
I’m originally from Germany and have been living a nomadic lifestyle for the last 8+ years.
I love to move my body. My current obsession is handbalancing.
I’m absolutely fascinated by the human body and mind and the interconnectedness of the two.
I’m enthusiastic about learning and studying.
I suffered from multiple health issues (particularly allergies, hypothyroidism, gut problems and severe anxiety) for most of my life, until I decided to take charge over my own health, educate myself and change my lifestyle.
I can be an introvert, and even though I love people, I need time in silence and nature.
I studied Life Coaching with the Life Coaching Academy in Australia and hold a Certificate IV in Life Coaching as well as a Certificate in Wellness Coaching.
I’m a certified translator and interpreter and have been working as a freelancer in the translation industry for 9+ years.
I went on a round-the-world trip right after I had finished my degree in Translation - fully funded by myself. It was my big goal to go on this trip and so for a few years I saved every penny and worked a lot of random jobs to make my dream come true.
I used to be terrified of closed spaces (e.g. planes, buses), but my desire to travel the world was so strong that (after many many panic attacks) I finally overcame my phobia.
Playfulness and sense of adventure run in my blood.
Little things make me happy, like watching a sunset, cooking a fresh meal, listening to the silence before sunrise and eating ice cream.


Lifestyle principles I live by


Focus on priorities. Create space. Have clarity. Do things with ease, instead of making it complicated. Slow down. Lived minimalism.


Cultivate a strong connection to myself and the world around me. Live and speak my truth. Be honest with myself and others. Always make time to tune inwards.


Continuous growth. Keep learning new things. Follow my passion of physical movement. Adapt to life.


Take charge. Take responsibility for my own actions thoughts and feelings and DON'T taking responsibility for other people’s actions thoughts and feelings. Take care of a healthy mind and body. Happiness is my responsibility.

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