3 Simple practices that help you reconnect to yourself

Someone asked me the other day for some simple tips one could start implementing in life in order to reconnect with oneself.

In order to reconnect with yourself, you need to disconnect from distractions. The biggest obstacle to being connected to yourself, is to be constantly distracted by stimulation outside of yourself. The era of smart phones brought this to another level and on top of our already busy lives, the little moments of silence we used to have during the days - like waiting for the bus or for a friend at the café – got filled by our new companion, the smart phone.

In order to reconnect more with ourselves we need to bring our awareness away for the outside and to our inner world. How to do that? First of all, it needs to become a daily habit - a practice.

Here are three simple tips you could implement in your life:

* don’t use your smart phone (or any device) the first half hour of your day. Instead, practice being present. It can be as simple as drinking a coffee or tea on your terrace, really tasting the flavours, listening to the sounds around you, smelling the fresh air, feeling your body and listening inside.

* journaling is a great way to reconnect with yourself. There are plenty of different methods: it can be just stream of thought, bullet point journaling, journaling prompts or questions….

* practice breath awareness. You can start with 5 – 10 minutes, make sure you are undisturbed and undistracted, and sit down in silence. Focus on your breathing. Don’t try to manipulate it, just observe it. Is it shallow or deep? Is it even? Is it fast or slow? Can you feel the air coming in and out of your nostrils? Which parts of your body are rising and falling with each inhale and exhale? Your chest, your belly, your flanks, your back? Connecting to oneself is not like plugging in a device, it’s not possible to ‘find’ yourself and your done once and for all. While you change over time and your life situation continuously changes, the connection to yourself is the most important to cultivate.

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