Don't run around with a catcher in both hands

Life throws us curve balls at times. That’s why we shouldn’t run around with a catcher in both hands, but be ready to throw something back.

At times life seems unfair. Shit happens. Obstacles and challenges appear out of nowhere, at the worst timing. It’s easy to go down the road of ‘Why me?’ and ‘This is not fair.’ while believing things are happening TO us. Been there.

At that point we always have the choice to shift our perspective. I believe that life happens FOR us. Difficulties are invitations to grow, to learn something and to get closer to our truest self.

I want to give you a specific example where I decided to throw away the catcher and take charge over the curve ball thrown at me.

Mid last year I have been in chronic pain for over six months. I was diagnosed with suspected endometriosis, without access to a proper health care system. After a tough night, I woke up in the morning with the decision to take charge – to take action in any way I can, while having true acceptance for what I can’t change. That was the turning point.

The sun hadn’t come up yet. I sat down on the balcony, and wrote a 5-step plan with all the things I can do and all the ways I can get support. What can I do to manage the pain? What lifestyle changes can support me? Who can support me (friends and professionals)?

Looking at the long list of options made me feel better right away. There was hope. And determination to do whatever I can.

Over the coming months I went through the steps, and whenever I got lost, I looked at my plan again asking ‘Ok, what can I do now?’.

At the very same time – and I think this is crucial – I cultivated a very deep sense of acceptance for where I’m at right now. Which is, I created an even deeper sense of inner peace than ever before.

It’s definitely out of my comfort zone to share this, but maybe someone needs to read it. There is always a choice.

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