How I went from hitting rock bottom to finding inner peace and creating my life by design

I’m Alex. I want to tell you a bit more about myself and what got me to doing the work I do.

So let’s start with the simple stuff. I grew up in Germany. I was a very curious child. My favorite book – before I could even read – was an atlas. I was born with a hunger to explore and travel the world. After some detours I studied translation and went on my first long round the world trip shortly after I graduated (worked my butt off to realize that dream). Fast forward and a year into my first employed job, I quit to pursue freelancing so I can design my lifestyle. In 2013 I moved to Bangkok for 7 months and have been living/traveling in different places since. For the last 8 years I was mainly based in Bali, and just recently moved to Melbourne.

Now the more interesting part of the story the part that is relevant for what I do – and who I am -today. Growing up in Germany also meant being subjected to a strong conditioning to follow a specific path, that I very early realized wasn’t mine to walk. As a teenager I struggled with |not fitting in|. My ideas and thoughts on life and how I wanted to live it were considered very strange. ‘You’ll grow up.’ ‘When will you stop dreaming?’ ‘Get real!’ were some typical sentences I heard. The live that was modeled didn’t seem very appealing to me. My environment was very focused on (external) security, while I was craving freedom more than anything else – mainly freedom from the prison of my own mind. I loved traveling and did so extensively all my life, but I had extreme phobias of closed spaces (planes, buses). Again and again I put myself into the situations I feared the most. My passion unlocked enormous willpower and inner strength. Later, after two traumatizing events – one being a near death experience – I developed a generalized anxiety disorder with daily panic attacks. Everyone who ever had a panic attack knows how intense it is and how exhausted it leaves you feel after. That was the hardest time of my life. NOTHING, no area of life, seemed to be going right. My health was in bad condition. I had thyroid issues, allergies, asthma, gut problems… my body was speaking - no, it was shouting at me to pay attention! Every day was a battle. The worst of it all was that I had completely lost myself. At the time, I was working a high-pressure role as a freelance project manager. I didn’t deal very well with the stress. BUT: That was also the time that woke me up. There were many eye-opening rock-bottom moments. Moments that still give me the chills when I think of them. I didn’t know how I ended up there and I had no clue how I would get out of it. I didn’t even know where to start. A few things came together that gave me a glimmer of the right direction. I learned about mindfulness, got back into practicing yoga (I was incredibly weak and frail), had a few good people in my life and most of all managed to mobilize an incredible inner strength I am still proud of. I knew nobody else could get me out of there. I needed to be the one to help myself. I needed to know myself, WHO I AM AND WHAT I WANT. Therefore, I wanted to understand the human mind and body and the human condition in general. I embarked on a journey to heal – my mind, body, and soul. Over the years I got rid of the allergies and asthma, I fixed my gut, and I actually healed my hypothyroidism naturally (which doctors told me I’d be on medication for the rest of my life). I am free from panic attacks and debilitating anxiety. I got to know myself so intimately that I simply cannot betray myself by not living true to my values. I learned what it is I need to live a healthy happy life. I learned how to draw boundaries and to have healthy relationships. The last 10+ years I dove deep into personal development, therapy, Ashtanga yoga, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, trauma, nutrition, philosophy and so much more. And I completely changed my lifestyle. I let go of a ton of conditioning and beliefs that weren’t my own. Eventually, I studied Life Coaching to get the skills that I would combine with my experience and knowledge so I can support others creating a more calm and centered state from which they can find clarity and build the life THEY really want to live. Back than in those darkest moments, I knew – without believing it – that I don’t have to live like this.

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