How to move on after a bad day

Had a shit day? Happens to all of us.

It’s human and I think even important to have a bad day here and there.

What matters most is to get up again and move on, so the bad day doesn’t turn into a bad week and a bad month and after a while turns into the default mode.

So fall, make mistakes, be frustrated, be sad…. and then… get up again!

But how to move on after a shit day?

- if possible, get some good sleep

- when you wake up take the decision to start a NEW day

- meditate or reflect on what you don’t want to repeat and on WHO you want to be and how you want to feel instead. Visualise and connect to the feelings you want to feel. (Dr Joe Dispenza’s Morning Meditation is a good guided meditation for that)

- move your body, get the energy flowing and get the stuck energy out of your body

- nourish yourself with good food

- have or create something to look forward to in your new day

- practice self-compassion and forgiveness

Would love to know how you are dealing with bad days and if this helps?

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