How to simplify your life?

It’s not life that’s complicated. It’s the human mind making things more complicated than they need to be. Overthinking, assumptions, choices, options, stories…. you name it.

To simplify means to focus on the priorities. So first of all ask yourself:

> ‘What are my priorities in life right now?’ Do your actions support these priorities?

The next question to reflect on is:

> ‘Is this really necessary, important or relevant?’ In can be a habit creating endless to-do lists. Check if your to-dos are really necessary, important or relevant to you, or if you prefer to delete it from your list.

Let’s talk about decision fatigue. It’s a real thing. Do you really want to use your brain’s capacity on making decisions on things that don’t matter much to you? It’s very helpful to eliminate unnecessary decision taking especially first thing in the morning. Ask yourself:

> ‘Where can you eliminate decision taking?’

Another regular question I like to ask myself is ‘How can I make this easier?’ There are so many options to do so.

Simplifying life is also about relationships: direct communication, healthy boundaries, not taking anything personally and asking instead of making assumptions.

To me minimalism is part of the concept of simplicity. I personally find it limiting to own too much stuff and have choice over too many things that I really don’t need.

I recently saw the slogan ‘Make it simple, but awesome’. I couldn’t agree more.

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