I think it’s very misleading to call anxiety a mental ‘issue’. There is a mistake right at the core of it: the strict separation of mind and body in the Western world. Eastern philosophies and indigenous cultures see mind and body as extensions of each other.

Only us humans can cause a pysiological reaction, e.g. turn on the body's fight-or-flight response just by thought alone. There doesn't have to be an actual threat.

I do not believe that it’s possible to overcome anxiety or trauma by working with the mind only. The body needs to un-memorize the emotion. The body needs to be taught a new state of being, and learn a different response.

I know how it feels getting a panic attack, just because you're surprised by the ringing phone. The body’s memorised reaction of ‘fight or flight’ is way quicker than the mind’s rationalising. Until the mind can catch up, it’s already too late. The body has already reacted.

The body and mind need to learn a new default mode of calm, e.g. by using tools like yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. It is crucial to lower the base line stress levels in the body. That doesn't mean avoiding stress, but learning how to manage stress. If stress levels are constantly high, the threshold to a panic attack is very low.

Would you like me to share some specific exercises to bring the body in a state of 'calm'?

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