I believe it is essential to have a daily contemplative practice. That means an allocated time every day to turn inwards. A time of stillness, listening, reflecting, understanding and checking in to notice the (subtle) changes – this is not to be mistaken by ‘thinking’.

Without self-knowledge how can we know how we want to live? … how can we live a content life? ... how can we have meaningful relationships with others?

For me it is Ashtanga Yoga using the tools of asana, meditation and chanting. While that is the practice of my choice, I don’t consider this to be the only path at all. The tool doesn’t matter so much, the intention does. Whatever the tool (meditation, journaling, yoga….) the importance is regularity. I believe in sticking with one method and going deep instead of dipping our toes in multiple waters. And remember, it’s a practice.

A few tips to create a daily practice: * choose a fixed time every day. Ideally first thing in the morning. *dedicate a spot and give it meaning * make it a non-negotiable. Don’t even question it, just practice. It’s not about your preferences, but about getting beyond them. Just to be clear: that doesn’t mean pushing yourself over a limit, if your unwell and your practice a physical one. * start small: 10 minutes every day is better than an hour once a week

Tell me, do you have a daily practice?

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