Seasons of Life

Life moves in cycles and seasons. There are times to expand and grow. Times to flourish and do. Times to slow down. Times to rest.

Nature presents us some perfect examples such as seasons and moon cycles, the menstrual cycle, the cycle of life and aging. There are big cycles and smaller ones within the bigger ones.

I have the impression that humans in our modern world have forgotten to honor and move with those cycles. We want things to move according to our timeline and ideas. We expect from our bodies to function, and things to work out in accordance with our plans - and if they don’t we resist, try harder, push more, and argue in our minds with reality.

Life would be smoother, more effortless, if we’d just move with the ebbs and flows and the cycles that are presented to us. If we are present and honor what IS, instead of trying to have things the way we planned them.

As I keep saying ‘fighting reality’ is the biggest source of human suffering. It’s not a situation that ‘makes us suffer’, it’s what our minds make of a situation.

Anyways, I drifted off slightly.

What brought me to write this is my current personal situation. This time I’m doing things very differently. For the first time in many years, I experience the season of autumn. The weather changed considerably a few days ago. Interestingly coinciding with my recovery from a surgery. I am forced to slow down, pause training and practice for a few weeks and rest. I surrendered to the process, and it’s been a beautiful experience. I find myself very present and in a beautiful energy of introspection, silence, meditation, creativity and nourishment. I’m feel at peace.

Now let me know, which season are you currently experiencing? What’s the theme for you right now?

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