‘Everyone needs a sense of shame, but no one needs to feel ashamed.’ F. Nietzsche I found this quote the other day. Shame is the most hidden feeling. Everybody has it, and yet, people are too ashamed to even talk about shame. This is exactly how shame survives, in the darkness, the hidden. O

nce brought to light, it loses power. There is nothing wrong with shame. Healthy shame is necessary for us in order to survive and to co-live on this world with others. Though shame we know our limitations. Healthy shame cannot hurt us. What hurts us is toxic shame, i.e. shame we carry around for way too long and shame that has been induced by others. So I invite you to look at your shame, to feel the discomfort of it, to express it, to identify the toxic shame and view it from a different perspective. Who would you be without that shame?

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