I remember a moment as a teenager when I suddenly had a profund realisation - the realisation that my life was meant to be an inward journey first of all. I suddenly knew that to find happiness I needed to look inside, and find out who I truly am, so I can find out what I really want in life. It was very clear to me that following a path someone else would choose for me could never possibly make me happy.

I felt very conflicted between the teaching and conditioning I received, and who I was - and I wanted to understand how to distiguish the two.

I dawned me that nothing outside of me (no other person or the hundreds top or dress) could give me the happiness and especially the inner peace I was seeking so badly. I often felt like I was a prisoner of my own mind.

This moment about 20 years ago in my childhood room was the first turning point of me living life from the inside out. Life experiences, traveling, therapy, reflection, yoga, journalling, meditation, coaching, inquiry etc. supported this inward journey over the years and decades.

To make this very clear: to work on yourself doesn’t mean to become better or to become someone you are not, it means to become who you really are and peeling away those layers of what you are not.

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