The ‘right path’ isn’t always the comfortable one

First of all, I write ‘right’ in ‘’ because right and wrong very rarely exist. Each decision we take creates a ripple effect, and although we give our personal decisions often too much importance, some decisions in life just feel really big.

Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship you knew wasn’t good for you, but it was still hard to leave? Or have you been in a job that didn’t fulfil you, but you were scared to leave and embark into something new? Maybe you moved cities or countries and while you were excited about the new, it wasn’t easy to let go the ‘old’? You can feel in every cell in your body that a decision is right for you, and still it is very uncomfortable or even scary to walk down that path.

Deciding FOR something, always means deciding AGAINST something else. In order to embark on a new journey, it’s necessary to let go of the old, the comfortable, the known. Excitement about something new and grief about letting go of something old can coexist - and maybe for some time you keep swinging between those two emotions. On the one hand there’s this spark inside of you, a sense of adventure, joy and inspiration, and on the other hand there’s a heavy rock in your gut, a feeling of grief that is hard to tolerate and that keeps you up at night. There is nothing to DO about it, other than accepting, being present and riding the waves.

Also excitement and fear, trigger pretty much the same physiological response, Taking a few deep breath always helps.

(Sometimes) in order to grow we have to leave our comfort zone. Life is too short and your potential too big. Standing still is not an option.

PS: Writing this as a reminder for you, as well as for myself.

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