Victim role vs. Empowerment

Many people encounter fear, worry, being overwhelmed, anxiety, tension or other unpleasant feelings and emotions right now.

While it is human to feel these feelings and important to not suppress them, it’s helpful to have some tools at hand to deal with these emotions with more ease.

I have a massive tool box that helps me stay calm - most days that works.

In life we have the choice between being a victim of circumstances, and EMPOWERMENT.

Empowerment is a mindset of focusing on what you have influence on and taking action accordingly, and at the same time accepting what is out of your control.

What is in your power? What action can you take? For example: focusing on your breathing when you feel anxious, taking more rest, taking care of yourself and your family by staying at home, eating nourishing food, moving your body, feeding your mind wisely and limiting media consumption (focus on the news you need to know)…. You can write down a list.

So that was the easier part. Accepting what we cannot control and letting go of worry is the harder part. No amount of worry will ever solve a problem. Worry is not solution focused thinking.

To actively accept, we need to feel. We cannot deny something exists (which is what we do when we push an emotion away), and accept it at the same time. Instead of entering into a cycle of worries in your head, try this approach: when you feel anxious/ overwhelmed/ worried…pause. How does it feel? Where do you feel it in your body? Try to only observe, without analysing, judging or avoiding. Stay with it and focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Can you feel the emotions pass? Feelings and emotions are not permanent. They come and go. Let them.

I hope someone who reads this needed to hear that today. Let me know if it helped

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