What is Stress?

The linguistic origin of the word stress is the context of mechanics (exerting stress on an object).

Stress can have various sources: work, dis-ease or pain, unhealthy relationships, trauma, life-changing events, lack of sleep, pandemics….

Take a look at the graphic below. Every person has a stress limit. If the limit is passed there are consequences like temper tantrums, panic attacks, breakdowns, dis-ease, insomnia… Every person also has a baseline stress level at a given period of their life. If this baseline is low, an acute stressor only has a short and minor effect. We can comfortably deal with challenges. However, if the baseline is already closer to the limit, only a minor stressor can be enough to push us past the limit.

Both, our body and mind, react to stress with a number of reactions. For a short period this is not a problem – the reactions are actually the solution. Over a longer period stress has its consequences.

In stress management 2 factors have to be taken into account: 1. Dealing with, and having respective tools for acute stress situations. 2. Lowering the base line stress level through changes in lifestyle, mindset, relationships and others.

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