We can’t always influence what’s happening in our lives.
Whether you experience stressful periods at work or in your private life; you are feeling on edge or anxious; you find it hard to relax or have difficulties sleeping, because you just can’t shut off; this program is designed to help you find comfort within the storm.


  • This 4-week online program is all about managing stress, creating more calmness, managing anxiety and becoming a more grounded, centred you.
  • I provide you simple, and effective tools (for mind and body)
  • Every week there is a theme, and exercises. If you choose this course, you are probably already stressed or overwhelmed and this is not supposed to be an additional chore. That is why I created the program so that you’ll get maximum results with minimum input, plus I offer various options so you can decide how much time you want to invest.
  • You’ll receive the material written and audio.


When choosing this self-paced option, you purchase the material and do the weeks program on your own. Each week you’ll get written, audio and video material that includes valuable information to gain more understanding, as well as easy to follow instruction for the weekly exercises and tools.

CALM - 4 week online program (self-study) ENGLISH